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Drumming since the age of 5 Jeffrey has spent years developing a style all his own. All lot of musicians focus on one aspect or genre of the music they play Jeffrey draws upon everything. "What I bring to the table is everything that has touched my life, not just the music I have studied. The drums are my voice and my outlet for all."

One thing he has definitely not done was sit still... Originally from Reading PA, he relocated to Lancaster PA in 2001 and opened his own music school "The Lancaster Musical Education Center" in January 2002. Jeffrey has worked in over 25 groups through the years and has also maintained a steady teaching schedule of an average of 40 students per week. Currently he is the leader of the group Drum Sample Madness that he founded in 2000. In 3 years of starting, the group maintains a steady regional schedule as well as performed at various festivals. He also heads up Lancaster's longest running Jazz Sessions for 3 years and introduced another Session featuring pretty much every style of music you can shake a stick at. (No pun intended.) Where this point would tire out most, he still pursues freelance work.

His approach to the drums is a reflection of his personality: calm and subtle one moment, explosive, expressive, and passionate the next. "It is my soul and my spirit that people hear when I play." Jeffrey explains. " I have always been influenced by everything, there really is no telling what you may find on my stereo." His style is a blend of rhythm and a definitive melodic approach. Always listening to what is happening in the music he plays his focus is completely in the moment and always for the song first.

Some musicians do not like to be referred to as "Artists". " This is something I embrace, my palette is sound and I am always striving toward that creative aspect"...

It is difficult to complete a biography of someone who is nowhere close to completing his journey in life.

All that can be said is be sure to follow and listen... there is always something new on the horizon!


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